Accepted papers

Title Authors
Real-Time Traffic Guarantees in Heterogeneous Time-sensitive Networks Mohammadreza Barzegaran, Niklas Reusch, Luxi Zhao, Silviu S. Craciunas and Paul Pop
Efficient Schedulability Analysis of Semi-Clairvoyant Sporadic Task Systems With Graceful Degradation Akanksha Chaudhari and Sanjoy Baruah
A Closer Look at Intel Resource Director Technology (RDT) Parul Sohal, Michael Bechtel, Renato Mancuso, Heechul Yun and Orran Krieger
Mixed Criticality on Multi-cores Accounting for Resource Stress and Resource Sensitivity Robert Davis and Iain Bate
Functional Uncertainty in Real-Time Safety-Critical Systems Sanjoy Baruah, Alan Burns and David Griffin
Egress-TT Configurations for TSN Networks Pierre-Julien Chaine, Marc Boyer, Claire Pagetti and Franck Wartel
Approximating WCRT through the aggregation of short simulations with different initial conditions: application to TSN Patrick Keller and Nicolas Navet
Simulation intervals for uniprocessor real-time schedulers with preemption delay Joel Goossens and Damien Masson
RT-Bench: an Extensible Benchmark Framework for the Analysis and Management of Real-Time Applications Mattia Nicolella, Shahin Roozkhosh, Denis Hoornaert, Andrea Bastoni and Renato Mancuso
Approximating WCET and Energy Consumption for Fast Multi-Objective Memory Allocation Shashank Jadhav and Heiko Falk
AVB-aware Routing and Scheduling for Critical Traffic in Time-sensitive Networks with Preemption Aldin Berisa, Luxi Zhao, Silviu S. Craciunas, Mohammad Ashjaei, Saad Mubeen, Masoud Daneshtalab and Mikael Sjödin
A Configuration Framework for Multi-level Preemption Schemes in Time Sensitive Networking Mubarak Adetunji Ojewale, Patrick Meumeu Yomsi and Luis Almeida
Analysis of Federated Scheduling for Integer-Valued Workloads Marion Sudvarg and Chris Gill
Data-Age Analysis for Multi-Rate Task Chains under Timing Uncertainty Pourya Gohari, Mitra Nasri and Jeroen Voeten
Searching for Upper Delay Bounds in FIFO Multiplexing Feedforward Networks Alexander Scheffler, Jens Schmitt and Steffen Bondorf
Compensating Adaptive Mixed Criticality Scheduling Robert Davis, Alan Burns and Iain Bate
HERMES: Heuristic Multi-queue Scheduler for TSN Time-Triggered Traffic with Zero Reception Jitter Capabilities Daniel Bujosa, Mohammad Ashjaei, Alessandro V. Papadopoulos, Thomas Nolte and Julián Proenza
Scheduling Constrained-Deadline Tasks in Precise Mixed-Criticality Systems on a Varying-Speed Processor Tianning She, Zhishan Guo and Kecheng Yang
Runtime Verification of AUTOSAR Timing Extensions Max Jonas Friese, Hannes Kallwies, Martin Leucker, Martin Sachenbacher, Hendrik Streichhahn and Daniel Thoma
Winston: Revisiting iterative compilation for WCET minimization Valentin Pasquale and Isabelle Puaut
A Coq Framework for More Trustworthy DRAM Controllers Felipe Lisboa Malaquias, Mihail Asavoae and Florian Brandner

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